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Welcome to Guangtong automatic clothing equipment Official website!

Product Center

Production ability
Our company is an enterprise integrating design, development, production, sales and service
Company always takes science and technology as the lead, regards quality as life
Quality assurance
Have a professional team and rich experience
Design, development, production, integrated solutions supporting services
Professional degrees
Create automatic equipment that meets the standard of clothing
Excellent product quality, reasonable price, perfect after-sales service
The cost control
In pursuit of the perfect quality of products, we will give appropriate solutions
Company is specialized road, quantitative manufacturing, cost control and improvement
"Broad sense" to create high-quality clothing standard automation equipment, from the producing quality and factory is designed to provide a complete set of solutions and considerate service.
Company has always focused on research and development production automation finishing equipment, advanced garment auxiliary pull cylinder series products, such as "guang tong" brand has become the preferred brand clothing enterprises are recommend. Company has been in science and technology as the guide, quality as life, constantly updated equipment and the introduction of professional talent, make the enterprise growing, already formed set design, development, production, sales, service as one of the modern man ...
News Center
Cutting collar machine Characteristic
Repair, cuffs, collar bag cover; the upper leg edges more accurately, so that the lower seam; 10 inch cutter c ...
Automatic cloth toosing machine  Characteristic
Adopting the rolling support method and using the low setting and stationary cloth bucket, it is reasonable to ...
Full automatic sieeve sleeve press Characteristic
This machine is suitable for the shoulder sleeve seam, the sleeve cage pressing, after this machine presses th ...